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Microsoft Ethnography Study

Microsoft partners with Exponential in a

research study where people were exposed to

Exponential’s VDX interactive pre-roll ad

and a standard pre-roll ad

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Exponential’s Rick Abell featured in Digiday’s “WTF is VPAID?”

VPAID has two big advantages compared to the standard VAST video script: Interactivity and measurement. “VAST is for your vastly vanilla type of creatives, whereas publishers that adopt VPAID will get paid because it allows their video players to accept more ad types”, said Rick Abell, vp of global publisher development for ad intelligence firm Exponential.

Exponential featured in Digiday: Domain Spoofing Remains an Ad Fraud Problem

Because programmatic advertising has automated so much of media, more and more marketing dollars are underwriting fraud without advertisers’ knowledge. One major trick unscrupulous publishers are using is domain spoofing. While not exactly new, domain spoofing is getting into the public eye thanks to the rise of fake news.

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