Dilip Da Silva

Dilip launched Tribal Fusion, the first business to form part of the Exponential Interactive Group of operations, in 2001. As a single founder, he built the ad-serving technology that provided the foundation for Exponential’s e-X Intelligence Advertising Platform. He was previously a senior developer at Flycast Communications and Engage Media.

Dilip has an MS in Computer Science and a BS in Bio-Engineering from Brown University.

John McKoy

As CRO, McKoy is responsible for retaining and growing revenue across Exponential’s products, which cover audience discovery, modeling and targeting, as well as audience engagement in mobile, display and in-stream.

With more than 15 years in media experience, seven years specifically in the digital space, McKoy brings a breadth of knowledge covering all areas of advertising including television, print, agency, media buying and creative. Prior to Exponential, McKoy held roles leading the sales and business development teams at ninemsn, Sensis and Sensis Mediasmart.

McKoy is based in Exponential’s Melbourne office.