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Ask The Experts: New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

As January draws to a close and we look to the year ahead, we asked our expert partners to name their “New Year’s Marketing Resolutions”, to find out what marketers should be looking out for, and focussing on, in 2017.

2017’s five biggest marketing challenges and opportunities

2016 represented an exciting leap into new pastures for the marketing community. Augmented reality broke into the mainstream thanks to the extraordinary success of Pokémon Go!, opening marketing minds to the possibilities of AR and virtual reality. At the same time, artificial intelligence also had a break out year thanks largely to chatbots in the service space, but marketers too were able to start capitalising on AI’s maturity, courtesy of its application to the likes of semantic analysis and segmentation.

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What marketers need to know about Gen Z & brand loyalty

What do marketers need to know about Generation “Z”, the generation that comprises of individuals generally born between 1995 and 2010? For starters, Gen Zers have grown up in a technologically driven world – high speed WiFi, texting, messaging – and are always connected, whether it be through apps, mobile web, messaging services, streaming audio, etc.

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