Performance Marketer Guide


Questions every marketer should ask their performance partner throughout a campaigns life cycle.

Microsoft Ethnography Study


Exponential partnered with Microsoft Australia to conduct a qualitative ethnographic study on a 2015 advertising campaign.

Engagement: Not Just a Buzzword


A comprehensive description of “engagement” remains elusive, even after almost two decades of use as an industry buzzword.

Millennial Moms


How your brand can and should speak to this emerging consumer powerhouse.


Case Studies

As part of a plan to diversify their overall media strategy, Verizon shifted budget from TV to online video.


Case Studies

An online car rental company wanted to build awareness of their services, while driving site visits and sign-ups for service information.

Exponential Webinar


Exponential recently conducted several research studies globally to demonstrate the power of interactive video when compared with standard digital ad formats.

Trusting The Machine in Online Marketing


Mira la serie de Exponential sobre “Trusting The Machine in Online Marketing” para aprender más sobre el análisis, el targeting y la optimización de audiencia.

Exponential Case Study: Auto

Case Studies, Videos

Exponential increased foot traffic for a leading auto manufacturer by 68% using VDX user-initiated ad units.

Evolve: The Future of Marketing


Travel through the history of communications, into the future of marketing, and discover the most powerful revolution of all: the individual consumer.