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User Data Changes on the Horizon in 2018

Besides the  General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP), what other changes are on the horizon for user data in 2018, and how will this impact the digital advertising landscape? As one of AdExchanger’s Data-Driven Thinkers, Tim Sleath (Exponential’s VP of Product Management) reviews the wave of upcoming initiatives and services that will affect the data balance between individual users and advertisers in the new year.

Digital Advertising Outside the Google and Facebook Duopoly

As Google and Facebook are projected to account for over half the share of US digital ad revenue this year, what does this mean for the digital advertising ecosystem and all the players within it? eMarketer’s recent report, “Beyond the Duopoly: Exploring Digital Advertising Outside Google and Facebook“, dives into the dynamics of US digital advertising/marketing entities outside Facebook of Google, and explores what other platforms and publishers offer to meet the needs of advertisers.

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