It's Show Time!

Playbook for Live Events


2018 is set to be a major year for live events

A new year brings the buzz of championship games, entertainment award shows, music festival lineup releases, and exciting event announcements. With the addition of the Winter Olympics and World Cup, 2018 is set to be a major year for live events. 

With a significant investment within a very small window of opportunity, it is crucial marketers make the most of capturing audience attention and make a lasting impact.

However, only 35% of marketers consistently measure the impact or effectiveness of their sponsorship activities. 1

Brand marketers who choose to measure the effect of their sponsorship dollars tend to primarily focus on reach and awareness

To help your brand achieve the greatest ROI from live event initiatives, Exponential developed a playbook of winning strategies for brand marketers across all verticals to drive measurable results during pre-game, gameday, and post-game.    

By working with partners like Exponential, brand marketers like you can expand your sponsorship impact with massive reach and frequency through the benefits of video and performance.

In our connected world, anticipation is everything for audiences

Leading up to events, athletes are perfecting their skills, artists are finalizing their set lists, and celebrities are drafting their acceptance speeches on tiny pieces of paper. Although it may seem like the pre-game is just the warm-up, brand marketers have the opportunity to make major impact. In our connected world, anticipation is everything for audiences; content teasers excite and impact an audience nearly as much as the final product.

Take the Big Game for an example. When looking at search term data for “Super Bowl Commercials 2018”, you’ll see spikes in interest leading up to game day and then an abrupt decline.

Two weeks before game day, we see significant activity from consumers as sponsors introduce and tease out content. Search data peaks on the day after the Big Game when media coverage is at its height and quickly declines thereafter. 

Users’ anticipation for sponsorship content was even GREATER than the afterglow. Surprised?



Focus on teasing your brand message and driving anticipation by planning the right marketing mix.


Tailor your advertising to provide an immersive experience for  your fans. Use video formats and layer on promotions to drive engagement, including teasers, location offers, polls, gamification, etc. 
game day

To win game day you need to maximize audience impact

It’s gameday. You’re excited, probably nervous, but most of the work’s already been done for you. Your spot is finalized, your social team is at the ready, and you’ve capitalized on your audience’s anticipation! What’s the catch? Pun intended. Gone are the days where you have your viewer’s undivided attention.

To win game day, you need to maximize audience impact by distributing your content wherever your audience’s eyes will be: everywhere.

Adults 18+ using a second screen during the big game 6

61% of adults aged 18+ use a desktop or laptop simultaneously while watching TV, 51% use a smartphone, and 25% use a tablet. Even during the big game, it’s hard to maintain audience attention. 6

stay on your man

Stay connected by distributing content across devices and channels. Mirror your assets to deliver traffic and performance drivers to create a lasting effect.

think on the fly

Be ready for surprises; game day is unpredictable. Fan loyalty isn’t a sure thing, and your most valuable customers may change by the end of the event.

touchdown dance

Celebrate big wins by connecting your gameday branding message with direct calls to action, driving measurable results.

The sponsorship of the future is about making victories last much longer

Game over. The post-game… the aftermath. What do you do now? Sit back, take a deep breath, count the number of impressions until interest quickly fades, and then back to the drawing board? Not quite!

The sponsorship of the future is about making victories last much longer than 30 seconds. In 2017, an average 30 second TV spot for the Oscars cost $1.9 to $2 million,7 according to Kantar Media.

WHEN PLANNING YOUR NEXT EVENT SPONSORSHIP, ASK YOURSELF WHAT’S MORE VALUABLE – AN ADDITIONAL 30 SECONDS ON AIR, or reaching relevant audiences online and connecting impact to measurable results?


Invigorate audiences by amplifying your content and maintaining headliner status. Capitalize on your win to drive purchase intent.


Extend the post-game rush by analyzing and optimizing your target
audience in real-time, maintaining their attention, and driving them down the
funnel to purchase.  

The most successful victories are formed through partnerships and alliances

 Coaches and players, performers and their audiences, sponsors and consumers. They all need each other to win.

Why should sponsorship efforts stop at branding metrics when you can physically drive users to purchase? A partnership with Exponential will ensure that the impact of your event sponsorship doesn’t fade with time but delivers lasting ROI with your customers and brand ambassadors.

Now that’s truly a win-win!

 Please contact for more information about how to engage in a partnership with Exponential.


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