Thought Leadership

Phish “phans” and how data informs marketers

Data is the air that marketers breathe, yet it’s not always clear how to approach it. What data should I be using? How can I make all my data fit together? What types of audiences and segments do I need to reach the right consumers? These are just some of the questions on the minds…

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The Triple Threat Of Ad Blocking, Viewability & Fraud

The everyday challenges of marketers are constantly changing – from the introduction of new technologies to the shifting habits of consumers. Yet, there are some major challenges that have been sticking around and including viewability, fraud and ad blocking. How can marketers adapt? Viewability Viewability is mainly a question of pricing. The tools marketers can…

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MediaPost features Exponential’s Bryan Melmed: Is Your Data Telling the Truth?

Everyone lies at one point or another — especially when they are asked to describe themselves. Marketers tend to rely on surface demographics such as age, gender and income, but unfortunately, people even fudge these for a multitude of reasons. How can advertisers be assured that the data they’re receiving is accurate? One way you…

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