The more you know about your audience and what interests them, the more intelligent your advertising and effective your communication. The intelligent treatment of big data provides audience insights based on the actual behaviors of advertisers’ best customers. This insight enables transformations in marketing strategy, media planning-buying, and creative strategy and messaging.

At Exponential, we help brands:


Reinforce their underlying assumptions


Learn something they didn’t already know about their customers


Answer their strategic marketing questions

Turn data into action

Everyone claims to have ‘BIG DATA’, but it is what you do with it that matters. Marketers need an easy way to turn data into information, insight and action. At Exponential, we provide advertisers with a uniquely powerful online advertising dataset for audience discovery and modeling.

Deep Dive, our audience diagnostic dashboard, reveals our audience data to advertisers. It shows our audience behavior topic tree and precisely how many people on our network demonstrate each behavior.

Then by integrating an advertiser’s own data, we can identify the specific behaviors that correlate to campaign performance. We can then build and visualize the perfect audience model for any advertiser campaign, as well as plug that model directly into our ad server so that you can buy what you learn.

Efficiently target your online audience at scale

No matter the campaign objective – brand awareness or direct response – we will work with advertisers to determine the optimal targeting parameters to achieve their campaign goal.

We enable advertisers to…

Identify relevant users that demonstrate behaviors that are indicative of campaign lift

Define the precise reach of a campaign for any given level of performance

Target users based on their interest and intentions directly across display, video and mobile with zero media waste