BMW’s objectives were to showcase and feature the range of BMW M vehicles and BMW M Performance Accessories available, targeting an audience of high-earning income customers, both current and prospective.


Exponential recommended using VDX formats – user-initiated, video-driven experiences – which allow brands to capture the consumer’s attention and drive higher response. This was the ideal solution to deliver on BMW’s objectives, for three reasons:

  1. Through VDX we were able to successfully create a respectful, immersive experience for BMW’s consumers that drove excitement whilst bringing to life the luxurious elements of the BMW M.
  2. The VDX unit allowed BMW to share key messaging and a range of product information in an engaging and interactive way.
  3. The VDX Cost per Engagement buying method ensured a connection with the right niche audience, ultimately delivering a more effective, impactful campaign.


Overall, the campaign achieved impressive results.

  • A total dwell time of 24 seconds
  • 2.8% of users who have engaged with the unit have clicked through to the website

What our client has to say…

“It was a smooth and easy process throughout the campaign, with consistent updates and open communication from the Exponential team. We were very impressed with the functionality and the interactivity that the ad unit allowed our users to experience with the BMW brand. The high traffic and click-through rates to our company’s website was a key highlight for us!”

– Dynamo, Strategic Communications Agency