Preferred Media Network

Our publisher network is made up of 2,000+ premium, content-rich digital properties, providing access to more than 600 million monthly unique users globally.

Publisher direct relationships allow us to secure preferential early ad exposure and provide incremental reach due to our low duplication with other media providers.

Our tight technical integrations with these publishers means rich interactive creative is delivered flawlessly, every time.

Best-in-class technology

Our contextualization engine is the best in the business, working at the page-level to understand the interests and intent associated with a visit to any page on our network.

By working at the page-level, rather than site-level, e-X:

Aggregates the 2 billion daily user ‘events’ occurring across our network – page views and clicks

Works out the interest and intentions that the most visited pages represent

Attaches those interests and intentions to anonymous user profiles to create 50,000 potential audience segments in our topic tree

Proprietary Audience Data

We help advertisers identify and engage relevant audiences by enabling them to model, target and optimize online campaigns against our unique, interest-based audience data.

The level of detail in our 50,000-strong topic tree is second to none and can only be achieved through global scale and page-level contextualizaton.

The combination of our propriety data + 3rd party data partnerships makes for very powerful, accurate and results driven campaigns.

Using our proprietary look-alike modeling technology we isolate the behaviors, interests and intentions of an advertisers key online prospects to develop custom audience models.