At Exponential, we help brands find new ways to reach target audiences and drive measurable results across all their sales channels. From the impression to the conversion, we continually profile, score and deliver against your objectives. The campaign you run today is the best-engineered, most successful campaign you will ever run.

Identify and engage relevant audiences for your brand

Exponential provides efficient reach to a customised, qualified online audience through our lookalike modelling technology. Unlike our competitors, we will tell you how many people who suit your brand we expect to find, and how likely they are to interact with it.

  • Our audience models are unique to each brand and every campaign
  • These audience models are live and constantly evolving – users are added and removed from the model as they enter and exit different audience segments through their browsing activities
  • Our audience models can be directly targeted across display, video and mobile in a brand safe environment

AERO: Audience Efficient Real-time Optimisation

Powered by page-level contextualisation and transparent audience modelling, AERO provides a user-centric and industry-leading approach to optimisation.

  • AERO allows us to leverage the depth of our contextualisation engine to understand what user interests and intentions drive results for each eligible advertiser campaign
  • Our proprietary audience modelling technology determines behavioural lift for each user, generating a score for each campaign
  • For each ad call, the lift score is matched against the advertiser’s own unique model to identify the users that are most likely to convert

Optimise ad effectiveness based on a deeper understanding of all user interactions.

Uncover new audience insights for future media forecasting and maximise return on ad spend by measuring audience impact and refining creative execution.

Exponential can help you:

Determine which audiences were most impacted by your message.

Discover which users spent the most time engaging with your creative.