For over 10 years, we have focused on building long-term relationships by securing the highest eCPMs, the biggest advertising budgets, and the most appropriate advertisers for our media partners.

Our Partners

Unlike other partners that purchase ad inventory at a fixed CPM, thereby concealing their margins, we work with our publisher partners on a completely transparent revenue share model.

  • We focus on direct, first-look inventory access with premium publishers, allowing us to sell to premium advertisers at higher CPMs with large budgets
  • We layer in our optimisation algorithm with top-shelf inventory access to drive performance for our advertisers, which results in budget increases and long-term renewals
  • As a result of this, we have long-standing relationships with all of the major agencies, and work with 88 of the top 100 global brands


Users are accessing publisher content in a variety of ways today. Exponential addresses this by providing the most dynamic, relevant and engaging ad formats across display, video and mobile.

High impact units such as IAB Rising Star ad formats and polite pre-roll generate high CPMs for publishers. Our world-class creative and delivery teams works hand-in-hand with advertisers and publishers to enhance UX.


As the Internet has revolutionised global communication, media owners increasingly have to juggle multiple partners to effectively monetise their highly valuable content.

Instead of trying to find partners in each region, keep it simple and work with Exponential – we have offices in 22 countries focused on capturing ad dollars from local advertisers and agencies.

Tailor-made solutions for publishers

The digital landscape is a very complex one. Deciding between two different adservers? Wondering if you should work with an ad exchange? How many ad placements should you have, and what ad sizes work best with your design?
At Exponential, we like to take a consultative approach with our partners and are here to help you in every way, shape and form.

Publisher Case Studies