Evolve: The Future of Marketing


Travel through the history of communications, into the future of marketing, and discover the most powerful revolution of all: the individual consumer. View the video.

From Banking to Booking


A study conducted to determine how personal finances affect consumer travel and how marketers can adjust their digital advertising strategies to reach relevant audience segments.

A Life Without Pixels


Animated video exploring the reasons why no marketer should overlook the power of pixels in their digital advertising campaigns.

A Life Without Optimization


Animated video highlighting why digital advertisers should consider targeting customers based on real-time behaviors to boost performance.

A Life Without Contextualization


Animated video illustrating what page-level contextualization can reveal about a brand’s consumers.

The ABCs of Better Video Campaigns


An A-Z guide of everything you need to deliver better digital video advertising campaigns for your brand.

The Advertiser’s Guide to Viewability


In this short guide, we’ve identified some key areas, questions and talking points for any advertiser thinking about adding viewability as a metric to their campaigns.

The Point of Connection – Podcast Series

Exponential has partnered up with Mumbrella Bespoke to bring you an exciting three-part podcast series, “The Point Of Connection”. This podcast series dives into the latest hot topics of the digital marketing industry.

An Advertiser’s Guide to Brand Safety


Building a brand is not an easy feat – growing your brand, cultivating awareness, and earning the trust of customers and clients often requires years and years of hard work to accomplish.

The Beating Heart Of Advertising – The challenges and opportunities in the digital media industry

Events, Videos

At Exponential’s recent Australia Brand Summit, we organised a panel of distinguished media representatives to discuss the current opportunities and challenges in the digital media industry.

The Beating Heart Of Advertising – How To Achieve Human Engagement In The Mobile Ecosystem

Events, Videos

At Exponential’s recent Brand Summit, Nicole Liebmann, Head of Mobile – APAC and South Africa, talked about the ways to unlock mobile versatility and campaign success. Learn more and watch highlights of the presentation here.

Millennial Financial Trends


10 fast facts for marketing to a generations tackling adulthood.

The Beating Heart Of Advertising

Events, Videos

At Exponential’s recent Brand Summit, Exponential’s Director of Global Sales Strategy, Tyler Greer, discussed the critical role people play in both understanding data and developing creative campaigns with humans at the heart, translating to meaningful advertising to consumers. Check out the presentation highlights.

Marketing 101


VDX was developed with the ultimate purpose of building upon the advantages of television and video ads and enriching them with the benefits of digital advertising — namely, the abilities to target consumers who are most relevant to a brand, and for those consumers to choose to interact with the brand through an immersive video-centric experience.

Trusting The Machine in Online Marketing


Watch Exponential’s four part series on Trusting The Machine in Online Marketing to learn more about audience discovery, targeting and optimization.

Performance Marketer Guide


Questions every marketer should ask their performance partner throughout a campaigns life cycle.