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About Ad Choices
The Ad Choices programme is an industry initiative which aims to provide Internet users with appropriate information at the point of advertising delivery. Full information on the use of the Ad Choices icon can be found at

The Ad Choices icon is part of the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles, the EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising and IAB Europe’s OBA Framework. Exponential is a signatory to all these self-regulatory initiatives.

Why is Exponential using the Ad Choices icon?
We collect anonymous data in order to offer advertising that is optimally targeted both for brands and consumers. We believe the Ad Choices icon offers the best solution to provide consumers with awareness and control over this process.

Opting out
The user may opt out via one of the systems offered by the Digital Advertising Alliance, the Network Advertising Initiative, Youronlinechoices, or by means of our own opt-out mechanism:


More information
Further information is included in our Privacy Policy, including full contact details if you have any queries you wish to raise with us.

Ad Choices
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