Exponential LatAm launches new divisions, Appsnack and AdoTube, in Mexico City

  • July 31, 2013

Leading digital advertising company expands global presence; introduces new mobile and in-stream video solutions to Latin American market

Mexico City, Mexico – July 31, 2013 – Exponential, the global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions, today announced the launch of its mobile and in-stream video divisions across Latin America.

With the launch of app-like mobile creative specialist, Appsnack, and in-stream video division, AdoTube, the Exponential team will now be offering even more ways to meet the needs of specific target audiences across video and mobile. Appsnack and AdoTube already serve clients in the US, Canada, UK, Asia and Australia.

Federico Carrera, managing director, LatAm, comments: “There has been massive industry shifts in recent years as digital and mobile devices increasingly dominate Latin American markets. Regional brands, agencies and marketers alike are challenged with the adoption of new products and even more creative freedom to reach and target their audience. Appsnack and AdoTube will offer solutions to help local marketers better adapt to these rapid changes.”

Furthermore, the growth of mobile and video demands more evolved metrics across device – with interaction and engagement positioned as the next major key deliverables.

Appsnack will allow advertisers to build rich, engaging, app-like creative experiences that reach Latin American audiences at scale across mobile to tablet. Appsnack’s leading Snackbar creative – which automatically formats itself to 10% of the screen’s size, achieves 4.5 times higher interaction rates than standard IAB units.

In May, Appsnack was named Next Big Digital Start-up by the San Francisco Bay Innovation Group (sfBIG).

AdoTube provides the opportunity to boost brand creativity and increase consumer engagement via in-stream video formats, including pre-roll ads, which run before online video content in a similar way to TV ad spots.  Recent examination gleaned from AdoTube’s latest Global Format Index report shows that interactive pre-rolls drive the highest click-through rates (CTRs).

“With Mexico leading the Latin American region by 13.9 percent for all web-page views consumed beyond personal computers, mostly by smartphones and tablets*, it is increasingly clear there is a need in the market for mobile and video solutions, like Appsnack and AdoTube,” continues Carrera. “These two solutions will assist Mexico City advertisers in broadening their reach and delivering high-impact campaigns across the media and devices that consumers increasingly spend their time with.”

Exponential’s Mexico City office currently offers solutions from Tribal Fusion, the global advertising display provider, and Firefly Video, an engagement video advertising platform.

All audience engagement divisions are powered by Exponential’s e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform to help agencies and advertisers find and reach their perfect audiences with highly relevant and compelling creative campaigns. The e-X Platform aggregates and contextualizes two billion online events a day to populate a 50,000-attribute topic tree that advertisers can use to discover, select and model their online audiences based on their real online interests and intentions.

Exponential will unveil its latest solutions and keys to regional success, including engagement strategies, audience insights and precise consumer targeting, at IAB Conecta 2013.

* According to the 2013 Latin America Digital Future in Focus’ Report from Comscore

* Appsnack Q1 2013 findings report

* *AdoTube 2012 Global Format Index Report