AdoTube launches initiative enabling brands to execute video campaigns across multiple media at no set-up cost

  • September 12, 2013

NEW YORK, NY —September 12, 2013 — AdoTube, the Exponential-owned in-stream advertising specialist, today announced it will offer select customers the option to run its superior in-stream ad units on any media network or publisher at no additional cost.

The business decision reflects a booming industry demand for ad transparency, standardization and affordability, according to Steven Jones, chief strategy and operations officer of AdoTube.

AdoTube’s new initiative will bring immediate efficiencies by:

  • Eliminating production costs, set-up costs and greatly reducing ad serving costs.
  • Maximizing branding opportunities and driving engagement by enabling advertisers to run rich interactive in-stream creative across all platforms.
  • Providing measurement and insights for all metrics in and outside the AdoTube publisher network.

“The biggest challenge and opportunity advertisers face is elevating their video advertising to drive brand awareness, engagement, intent, and even conversion…all while maintaining cost efficiency,” said Jones. “Brands, customers and creative teams are facing increasing mark-ups on ad serving and creative costs which takes away from the dollars spent on media. We are in a unique position to offer rich media solutions in a more effective and cost conservative manner than advertisers have grown accustom to.”

AdoTube customers utilizing the new initiative will have access to the following in-stream video units, which are all IAB compliant (VAST & VPAID):

  • Ad Selector
  • Inside-Out-Roll™
  • In-Stream Skin™
  • In-Stream Takeover™
  • Overlays (i.e. Video-in-Video)
  • Polite Pre-Roll®
  • Snipers

Jones comments: “Our clients have been taking advantage of this service for years, and we are excited to extend the offer beyond our own network to help marketers focus on the true value of their targeted media impression. It’s simple; without added campaign costs, agencies can place their creative where they want and reallocate those dollars back into what they were meant for: The media.”

The offer, available to all current and future premiere US AdoTube customers, is effective immediately.