Introduction to Exponential’s publisher newsletter

  • May 25, 2013

Welcome to the premier edition of the Exponential publisher newsletter. In the coming months, our newsletter will be a helpful resource for our publisher partners. We will offer insights into the many exciting projects we are working on, as well as updating you on developments in the industry and providing advance notice on upcoming monetization opportunities.

By now, many of you are very familiar with Tribal Fusion – the second largest online display provider – driving sales for many of the world’s top brands by helping them learn about, reach, and engage online audiences more effectively. However, some may not be as familiar with Exponential, Tribal Fusion’s parent company. In addition to Tribal Fusion, Exponential owns engagement video platform Firefly Video, in-stream advertising specialist AdoTube, and mobile advertising solution Appsnack.
Exponential divisions, including Tribal Fusion, are powered by Exponential’s e-X technology platform to help brands find and reach their prospective customers and connect with them using highly engaging creative messaging across display, video and mobile.

As a publisher, your world is incredibly complex. You no longer need to worry only about how you’re going to monetize display inventory, but also need to figure out how your users are accessing your properties through mobile phones, tablets and perhaps even TV or other connected devices. Each of these devices have multiple formats – such as in-stream video, in-app display, branded wraps, etc. – that need your consideration. Solving this problem for one country can be very daunting, let alone solving this for your inventory across the globe.

However, with Exponential, you can put all these considerations in one basket. We have solutions for all major devices, and a presence in over 26 countries and growing.

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the Exponential suite of services; ask your account representative, or email us.

Thanks for reading, and we looking forward to continuing our partnership together.