Interactive Video Ads Garner Best Engagement

  • April 13, 2016

Interactive Video Ads Garner Best Engagement by Ben Frederick

Interactive video is more engaging than pre-roll or standard banner, according to a new study commissioned by Exponential Interactive from market research firm EyeSee.

The study compared 30-second pre-roll ad units with VDX interactive ads and standard banner units, measuring attention, how long subjects browsed and interacted,  the strength and type of emotion and perception on brand lift.

The study measured these performance indicators by tracking facial expressions, interaction rates and eye tracking, and surveys.

Some 17% of viewers who watched an interactive pre-roll and 19% who watched an interactive rectangular video said they would definitely consider purchasing the brand shown in the future. Only 13% who viewed standard pre-roll said they felt the same.

Also, 69% of users spent more than five seconds looking at the interactive teaser compared to 11% who viewed the standard animated banner of the same size. Interactive teasers are also three times more likely to stimulate a positive emotional reaction, according to the study.

Of those who viewed the ads, 82% reported “favorable” or “very favorable” brand perception on the surveys compared to just 68% of those who viewed the standard banner.

Video ads in general are more likely to elicit a response from a user, and as the user base becomes more accustomed to streaming video from their devices, the emotional impact of the ad format will drive premium prices for publishers.