Study Finds Interactive Video Ads More Effective Than Pre-Rolls

  • April 14, 2016

Study Finds Interactive Video Ads More Effective Than Pre-Rolls by Troy Dreier

The ad tech company Exponential has released the results of a study measuring the effectiveness of standard video pre-rolls compared to interactive video ads. The interactive ads were VDX pre-roll and rectangular video ads, both proprietary formats offered by Exponential. Self-serving? Yes, vendor-created studies always are.

The study was created by EyeSee, a market research firm, which used camera recordings, eye-tracking, and surveys to measure the length of time participants spent looking at an ad or interacting with it, the type and strength of their emotional reaction to the ads, and the impact the ad had on brand lift. EyeSee worked with 500 participants, showing them realistic mock web pages.

Not surprisingly, the interactive ads kicked butt in this study: 17 percent of those who saw an interactive pre-roll video ad and 19 percent of those who saw an interactive rectangular video unit said they definitely would consider purchasing the product in the future. That compares to 13 percent who saw a standard pre-roll and said they definitely would consider a purchase.

Participants viewed the interactive video ads for over twice as long. The interactive ads also earned stronger recall rates and increased brand perception: 94 percent could recall an ad after viewing the interactive pre-roll, 85 percent after viewing the interactive rectangular video ad unit, and 71 percent after viewing a standard pre-roll. Browsing time was greater for the rectangular video ad unit than the interactive pre-roll.

“Attention, emotion, and brand lift measures reveal the power of video-driven ads and the benefits they offer over standard formats. They more effectively seize attention, provoke emotional engagement, and drive purchase consideration,” the report concludes.

Yeah, it’s self-serving, but interactive video is no-doubt more engaging when done well. Download Exponential’s report, “The Power of Video-Driven Experiences” for free (registration required) to get the full results, then consider running your own interactive video study.