Study: Interactive video ads getting more attention

  • April 15, 2016

Study: Interactive video ads getting more attention by Kristina Knight

Turns out, video is an attention getter. That’s the takeaway from a new Exponential Interactive study which looked into how consumers react to pre-roll and banner ads as well as interactive video.

Data from The Power of Video-Driven Experiences: What Attention, Emotion and Perception Can Tell Us About Good Advertising finds interactive video has a bigger impact on consumers than standard banners and pre-roll video ads do. The study used eye tracking and facial coding to come to its results. Nearly 20% of those studied said they ‘would consider a purchase’ after watching either an interactive pre-roll video or an interactive rectangular video unit.

“This study validates what we’re seeing every day – that interactive video is a powerful digital vehicle for brand impact,” said Bryan Melmed, VP, Insights Services, at Exponential. “The choice of ad format has huge implications for marketers and advertisers; advertising focused on engagement delivers more compelling, memorable experiences.”

Other interesting findings include:

• 69% of those who viewed ‘video teasers’ spent more than 5 seconds looking at the content

• 11% of those who viewed standard animated banners spend the same amount of time

• 82% of those who viewed teasers reported favorable/very favorable brand perception

• Video units held viewers’ attention 2x longer than standard pre-roll units

Exponential commissioned EyeSee to conduct the study.