Exponential Creates an Augmented Reality Ad Experience with New Face Filter VDX Ad Unit

  • November 21, 2016

EMERYVILLE, Calif.–Exponential Interactive, one of the largest digital advertising companies reaching over 700 million users monthly, has released a new Face Filter functionality as a part of its VDX (Video-Driven Experience) video advertising offering. The Face Filter is a canvas for the latest, innovative consumer experiences where advertisers can provide consumers a deeper level of interaction with their brands.

Users who have opted into the experience can activate their webcams to engage the Face Filter. Facial feature and head tracking technology is applied to the user’s face, thus allowing the advertiser to overlay virtual objects such as glasses, makeup, hats, helmets, etc. The Face Filter is available on display and in-stream and is a great compliment to mobile augmented reality experiences. A step-by-step guide on how the ad unit works and visual examples of the ad can be seen here.

“With more and more interactive ad experiences penetrating the market and webcam adoption at almost 80%, Exponential is excited to unveil the VDX Face Filter. Whether the goal is to engage and interact with an audience or forge a stronger bond between a product and a prospective buyer, Exponential is the first to offer a scalable augmented reality solution,” said Ittai Shiu, VP, creative strategy, Exponential.

Benefits of the Face Filter ad unit include:

  • Increased user engagement with a brand
  • Increased user likelihood to purchase a product
  • Offering a unique brand experience for a user

According to a study commissioned by Exponential in April 2016 which compared interactive video ads to standard banner and pre-roll video ads, interactive video ads were found to significantly impact a viewer’s brand perception and increase purchase intent.

Live stream and 360 video are two other newly launched video capabilities for VDX that cater to marketers by layering creativity and innovation into the VDX experience. Exponential developed their video capabilities with users in mind, implementing a heavy A/B testing methodology to ensure that the user experience is positive, intentional, and fine-tuned to deliver brand lift.

“VDX is an advertising experience proven to engage audiences and through these recently released features VDX offers yet another opportunity for brands to provide consumers with a deeper, more interactive video experience,” reveals Shiu.

About Exponential

Exponential Interactive delivers innovative advertising experiences that transform the way audiences interact with brands across desktop and mobile. Exponential’s platform fuses one of the largest global digital media footprints and proprietary data with user-centric ad formats designed to drive engagement and performance. Creativity, data and audience insights form the foundation for building smart and relevant brand engagement and brand performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. Exponential was founded in 2001 and has locations in 22 countries. For more information, please visit www.exponential.com.